I go by Watch Da Birdie, and you may know me from NeoGAF and have seen my review of all (at the time) 721 Pokemon which I will eventually get around to uploading to this site—promise!

What does my name mean you wonder? Well, believe it or not, it’s simply named for the Street Fighter character Birdie who I liked around 2009-2010 when I first began to use this name and I liked it. I’m not a huge fan of actual birds or anything like that, nor do I particularly enjoy golf, but I’ll probably talk about both in some fashion in this blog since both pop up in gaming.

I’m an English Major with a love of gaming, though recently my love for gaming is less hands-on and more vocal—I enjoy talking about games and looking at them a bit in-depth, though to be honest I don’t have a lot of technical knowledge but I do have an inquisitive mind that loves learning bits and pieces about my favorite series. In addition to gaming I’m also a fan of various manga, anime, and recently tokusatsu—I’ll just say “like Power Rangers” for now—but I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily a huge Japanese culture nerd. I dabble here and there, know some basic words and katakana/hiragana, but don’t expect me to cover non-translated Japanese games or anything like that in-depth!

So, what is this blog going to focus on? Well, at this point, I have ideas for a variety of topics—talking about underappreciated video game characters, looking at some lesser known titles from my youth, sharing some of my wacky ideas I’ve had over the years for video game concepts, and other fun topics that I hope you’ll enjoy. I like to learn as I write and I hope that I not only entertain you, but help expand your gaming knowledge in various ways.

-Birdie <<(*>*)